'What if...?

my eyes never see what your eyes see
Created and directed by Layla Rosa
Performed by Yam Doyev, Megan Saunders and Layla Rosa. Previous performers include Geneva Foster Gluck, Virginia Fernandez de Gamboa and Leila McMillan. A performance installation about looking through the eyes of another; inside, outside, behind and beyond the veil. Driven by the curiousities arounda lost cultural identity.

Aerial movement, moving image and physical feats collide with audio, video and vocals to create this unique theatrical performance and installation.
What if... ?’ ’ is currently being produced by Crying out Loud.


This work has been presented at the Shunt Lounge, Circomedia in Bristol,
The Roundhouse and La Breche, in Cherbourg, France.
What if...? will be at Jacksons Lane, London from 3rd - 6th Feb

View a showreel of the live performance www.youtube.com

View an extract from some of the installation work www.youtube.com

Photography: Ludo les Cognets, Max Ringham
Video stills: Susanne Dietz

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