'Shake - The Bellydance'

This spectacle has been presented in various incarnations and as such has been created in collaboration with 5 aerialists including myself, Vicki Amedume, Maria Hippolyte, Richard Durnsford and Catrin Osborne and 3 belly dancers; Anarkali – led by Hannah Mi. It was first presented at the shunt vaults in spring 2008 as a conversation across the space between various numbers and combinations of aerialists and bellydancers, and often included live Turkish musicians. The choreography is orchestrated by light and begins with shadow; lights pick out performers in unexpected places leading the audience through a series of solo’s / conversations between dancers and culminates in a joyful solo bellydance. It plays between which bodies are real and which are not using shadow screens, live camera and projection.I was asked to develop the piece as a site specific spectacle for the finale of the circus space show at the St Magnus Festival in Orkney on the St. Magnus Cathedral – summer 2008.
It’s modular structure means this piece works well as a site specific performance creating a live animation of any space..

Photography: Max Ringham



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