'Strings on Strings

This piece was created in collaboration with composer and sound designer Max Ringham who has written a score in whole tone scales for strings set within a digital audio environment to create a journey which directly informs the movement. Working with highly skilled aerial artists Sophie Oldfield, Catrin Osborne, Katharine Arnold and Fiona Lait we create a world where the floor becomes the 'unknown space, a space they never touch, the place they continually descend to and retreat from.

Strings on Strings was shortlisted for the Jeunes Talents Cirque award 2010.
It has been performed at Shunt Lounge and Jacksons Laneand will be at Stratford Circus in November 2010
Photography: Hannah Edy, Ludo les Cognets

View video: Strings on Strings Jacksons Lane February 2010

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